THE BOLSHOI BALLET rendition of `The Golden Age,' being presented for the first time in the US during the Russian company's just-opened tour, will be telecast tomorrow (9-11:30 p.m.) on the Arts & Entertainment cable channel. ``The Golden Age,'' with music by Dmitri Shostakovich, gives the usual boy-meets-girl-meets-rival story a political dimension by placing it just after the Russian Revolution. Originally performed by Russia's Kirov company in 1930, the ballet was reworked by Bolshoi artistic director Yuri Grigorovich in 1982. The performance being telecast was filmed earlier in Europe. PROGRAM-LENGTH TV COMMERCIALS FOR KIDS may be in trouble in the wake of a court ruling last week. A federal appeals court ordered the Federal Communications Commission to review its 1984 decision to deregulate the content of children's TV. The court said the FCC had not sufficiently justified its action. The ruling came in response to a petition from the Newton, Mass.-based organization Action for Children's Television, headed by Peggy Charren. Separately, the House Telecommunications Subcommittee has scheduled hearings for September on whether children's programming is overly commercial in tone. THE NUCLEAR ACCIDENT AT CHERNOBYL may be the subject of a joint Soviet-American film. Director Stanley Kramer and Columbia Pictures chief David Puttnam reportedly hope to further plans for such a project while they are in the USSR to attend the Moscow Film Festival, opening next Monday.

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