BURRITO -A flour tortilla wrapped around a filling of beans and sauce.

CHICOS -Dried sweet corn kernels.

CHILE PEQUINS -Chile seeds that have been crushed and dried.

HORNO -A beehive shaped outdoor oven of Spanish-Moorish origin, used by Spanish-speaking and Pueblo Indian cooks.

MASA HARINA -Cornmeal ground especially for making tortillas and tamales.

PINON NUTS -Nuts from the pine cones of the pinon tree.

POSOLE -White corn kernels that have been treated with lime, like hominy.

RISTRA -A string of chilies tied together to hang up to dry.

SOPAIPILLA -A puffy bread, like a popover, served with honey or butter.

TORTILLA -A thin, flat, cake made of special blue or yellow cornmeal (masa harina) or flour, the basis of many New Mexican recipes.

TOSTADA -A toasted or fried piece of cornmeal tortilla.

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