Have you learned to whistle yet? Before you any older get You better purse your lips a bit and try to get the hang of it. Because as through the years you go you'll find you'll want to have a blow to show surprise or make a noise with other little girls and boys

who certainly will look to you to whistle up a tune or two. It seems a trifle hard at first, but if you think your cheeks will burst,

they won't. It's really just a knack and once acquired you won't look back and people will declare they've heard some rare and precious singing bird.

So put your lips together so and pout them out into an O and as you blow pretend to be a warbling warbler in a tree

and wow! it's really very like finding that you can ride a bike, for suddenly your whistle will crash through your cuspids in a trill

and you'll go whistling down the days deafening the larks and popinjays, (and also, with your shrill vibrations, your poor long-suffering relations!)

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