Tariffs imposed

President Reagan announced Friday he is imposing 100 percent tariffs on $300 million worth of Japanese electronic exports in retaliation for what he called unfair trade practices. The White House said the tariffs would be imposed on complete color TVs with picture tubes measuring 18 to 20 inches on the diagonal; laptop computers that use microprocessors of 16 bits or more and do not use TV-like tubes for screens; desktop computers that use microprocessors of 16 bits or more; rotary drills that are not battery powered; electropneumatic rotary and percussion hammers; and some grinders, sanders, and polishers that are controlled by hand and have self-contained electric motors.

Reagan said the tariffs, effective last Friday, would be dropped once Japan complied with a 1986 agreement on semicondutors. He said he was encouraged by recent actions to comply with the pact, which he does not want to terminate.

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