Make 'em laugh. Onstage with comic Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld has an easy, laconic style - observational rather than joke-cracking. His material is the minutiae of life. Here are some examples. n candy at the movies: You know you are [getting ripped off] when they have it in that glass case; the jewelry case. I go up to the guy: ``I'd like to see something in a Milk Dud if I could. Nothing too garish, of course.'' Sometimes I will take out one Milk Dud and put it on the black velvet. ``Oh, boy, that's a beauty. Honey, what do you think?'' On dogs: Sitting up in the front seat of the car, that's the ultimate dog experience. You ever take your dog out on a Saturday afternoon? You've got nothing to do, he's generally free. He's not going to say, `Gee, I had that bone scheduled for today. I could push it into Monday, but then I'd be backed up on the rawhide chew toys. I have no free time open.' Dogs go with you anywhere, and as soon as they get up in the front seat with you in the car, it's the only situation where his head and your head are the same height. ... He sees his friends and says, ``Don't bark at me now; I'm with people! [sotto voce:] I will talk with you about it later.'' On his parents' move to Florida: They didn't want to move to Florida, but that's the law. You get to a certain age, you're forced to move to Florida, whether you like it or not. They have leisure police that drag you down there. They pull up to your house in a golf cart with a light on the top: ``Ok, Pops, get the clubs, let's go. Drop the snow shovel right there, just drop it.

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