Tickled by pink

IF it's true that seeing a yellow butterfly, or a blue bird on the wing, can lift one's spirits - should it be surprising that a rose-colored car lifts my spirits every time I see it? Time after time as I drive down this particular street there it is - parked in the driveway - a rose-colored little car, not too deep a rose, but the most beautiful, smooth, pink-ice-cream color. There it sits, waiting, demurely and serenely, for its owner to come and drive it. I think to myself, what must its owner be like? I surmise that, being pink, it probably belongs to a member of the feminine sex. It could belong to a teen-ager wishing to express her individuality by driving a car that definitely is different.

How many times in your life have you seen someone driving a car that is a luscious shade of pink? Looking around me, I see lemon-yellow cars, creamy white cars, all shades of brown from very elegant gray-brown to deep chocolate. Green cars come in all shades, too, light green to deep blue-green; and gray cars - battleship gray to light gray or very dark gray. Then there are the red cars, black cars, blue cars, and occasionally an orange or purple car - but a pink car? Very seldom, if ever.

So here is my plea: Please, could we possibly have more pink cars? Think how uplifting it could be to see a rose-colored car driving down your street someday, or couldn't one on a busy freeway be like the proverbial ``rose among thorns''? Someone's spirits would be lifted; I know. Or should I go and buy a pair of rose-colored glasses?

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