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Q While visiting relatives at holiday time we went with them to a large supermarket which had an impressive selection of greens for salads, as well as gourmet fruits and vegetables. Three of the varieties of greens appealed to us especially, and we would like to try them in our garden this summer. Could you suggest some sources for French sorrel, rugula, and a narrow-leafed lettuce called mache (also labeled ``lamb's lettuce'')? J.M. Vincennes, Ind. Although we are sure many seed companies list gourmet vegetables, here are three that list those you ask about:

W.A. Burpee Company, Warminster, PA 18974; Vermont Bean Seed Company, Garden Lane, Fair Haven, VT 05743; and Nichols Garden Nursery, 1190 North Pacific Hwy., Albany, OR 97321.

Rugula (Eruca sativa) is also called rocket, roquette, arugula, ragala, and ruccola. Mache (Valerianella Locusta olitoria) also goes by corn salad, fetticus, feldsalad, and maches. Garden sorrel is Rumex acetosa, and French sorrel is Rumex scutatus. Both have a pleasant citrus taste.

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