WORKS BY WILDLIFE ARTIST ROBERT BATEMAN will be seen in a major show opening Saturday at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington. Presenting more than 100 of the Canadian artist's paintings, ``Portraits of Nature'' will continue through May 17. SUSAN STAMBERG'S NEW `MORNING EDITION' show premi`eres Sunday on National Public Radio. With an emphasis on coverage of the arts, it will feature live music, listener participation, and lots of conversation - with teachers, writers, musicians, critics, collectors, fad followers, and ordinary people. THE SAN DIEGO SYMPHONY is taking drastic measures to avert bankruptcy. The board has voted to shut down orchestra operations immediately and use assets to pay off creditors. Symphony spokeswoman Melissa Smith said, ``We do still exist, but as far as presenting concerts with our present orchestra, it is an impossibility.'' Management had sought to cut musicians' pay and work season. SOUL SINGER ARETHA FRANKLIN will be the first woman inducted into the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame (established in 1986), on Jan. 21. DON JOHNSON (``Miami Vice'') makes his music video debut Saturday, in an hour-long show called ``Heartbeat,'' complete with dramatic storyline. It will be seen on the HBO cable channel.

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