AFRICAN RELIEF MONEY from Bob Geldof's Band Aid Trust continues to flow. From the more than $110 million raised since 1984, some $43 million went for immediate aid in drought-stricken Niger, Chad, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, and Sudan. But now the trust is deeply involved with 137 long-term projects, to which it has committed $26.7 million. The biggest grant: $3 million for a UNICEF program to immunize children; the smallest, $4,169 to maintain water pumps in refugee camps in Sudan. ABC'S CONTROVERSIAL `AMERIKA' wasn't ready in time to be shown in its entirety this week, as planned, to TV writers assembled in Los Angeles. The critics are seeing only four hours of the 14-hour drama - roughly the same part screened earlier this week for townspeople of Lincoln, Neb., where much of the series was filmed. The miniseries, set 10 years in the future in a Soviet-occupied United States, is to air Feb. 15-22, but delays in editing the 1.25 million feet of film may mean rescheduling. Long before excerpts were seen, ``Amerika'' had been denounced by the Soviet Union, the United Nations, and others, based on what they had learned from pirated scripts and tapes. THE WORLD MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS debut tomorrow in a telecast via satellite from Los Angles, London, Sydney, Toronto, Paris, Munich, Tokyo, and Rome. The venture marks the first effort by Rupert Murdock's Fox Broadcasting at global TV. The two-hour show - with Peter Gabriel, Bob Geldof, the Bangles, and Sheena Easton - will be seen in the US on Fox-owned stations and independent stations. MSTISLAV ROSTROPOVICH was named Musical America's musician of the year. The world-renowned cellist and music director of the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington will be featured on the cover of the magazine's International Directory of the Performing Arts and honored in a two-month celebration beginning in February. LOOKING AHEAD TO THE FALL '87 TV SEASON, NBC says a spinoff of ``The Cosby Show'' starring Lisa Bonet will make its debut, and ``Hill Street Blues'' may be gone. The ``Cosby'' spinoff will follow Ms. Bonet's character to college. The popular ``Hill Street'' series may end because many of its stars' contracts are up, including that of Daniel J. Travanti, and several cast members have suggested they might want to move on. NEW APPROACHES TO ART EDUCATION will be the subject of a mid-month conference in Los Angeles. Sponsored by the Getty Center for Education in the Arts, the Jan. 15-17 conclave will include Secretary of Education William Bennett, National Endowment for the Arts chairman Francis S.M. Hodsoll, Carnegie Foundation president Ernest Boyer, and 400 other invited participants. They will explore an approach that integrates content and skills from art production, art history, criticism, and aesthetics in programs for elementary and secondary schools already refined in regional roundtables on the subject. An essay by Stanford professor Elliot Eisner will be released in conjunction with the conference.

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