EC sanctions Syria

The European Community has agreed to impose sanctions against Syria and called on Damascus to ``end all forms of support'' for terrorist groups. British Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe announced four measures agreed to Monday by 11 of the 12 EC foreign ministers and said, ``We look to the Syrian authorities for a constructive response.''

The measures were a ban on arms sales, suspension of exchange visits by high-level officials, a review of activities of Syrian diplomatic missions, and tighter surveillance of the operations of Syrian Arab Airlines.

The sanctions were imposed as a result of Britain's charge that Syria was behind an attempted bombing of an Israeli jet in London last April. Britain broke diplomatic relations with Syria Oct. 24. As gestures of support for Britain, the US has withdrawn its ambassador from Damascus, and Canada and Belgium have recalled their ambassadors for consultation.

Greece was the lone dissenter from the EC decision. Theodore Pangalos, Greek deputy foreign minister, said Greece did not accept that Syria was involved in the bombing attempt. But he said Greece did not object to the measures, as they had no practical impact on Greece.

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