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THE sheer energy that is New York City seemed to drive the Mets to the pinnacle of baseball this year. The best team throughout the regular season, they turned moments of doubt into impassioned triumphs in both the playoffs and the World Series. Called ``amazing'' when they captured the 1969 Series, they were equally amazing this year in snatching victory from the jaws of apparent defeat, beating the Boston Red Sox in seven roller-coaster games.

The Red Sox proved themselves formidable competitors, and Boston remains a remarkable sports town. Pro football's New England Patriots, after all, made it to last January's Super Bowl, and in June the Boston Celtics wrapped up their 16th National Basketball Association championship. There is some comfort in this.

Regrettably, much of the drama of the World Series unfolded in many American homes long after youngsters were tucked in bed. For millions of viewers, particularly in the East, the national pastime was a late-evening show, a concession to TV dollars. The Series is too much of a national treasure to nudge up against the late movie. Baseball's brass should bring back some sunshine to the fall classic and incorporate some family-hour, Disney-type scheduling.

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