This guide is designed to alert readers to the scope and variety of programming coming up. Listing is not meant to represent blanket endorsement. Readers are urged to be selective. SATURDAY World Series of Golf (CBS, 2 p.m.; also Sunday, 4 p.m.): Top golfers of the world compete for $700,000, live from Akron, Ohio.

NFL Football (CBS, 9 p.m.): St. Louis Cardinals play Chicago Bears. Dark Mansions (ABC, 9-11 p.m.): A failed pilot with a good cast including Joan Fontaine, Melissa Sue Anderson, and Michael York.

Fabian's Good Time Rock 'n' Roll (PBS, 10-11:23 p.m.): Memorable hits sung by Fabian, Chubby Checker, Little Anthony, Bo Diddley, Leslie Gore, and others of that golden era. SUNDAY

Arthur Sulzberger -- The New York Times (PBS, 7-7:30 p.m.): On ``Newsleaders,'' publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger explains why many people consider his newspaper the world's most influential.

The Christian Science Monitor Reports (check local listings): The future of nuclear power in the wake of Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. MONDAY

Thomas Eakins: American Masters (PBS, 9-10 p.m.): Sam Waterston narrates this portrait of the painter, including interviews with his models, examples of his paintings, and famous motion studies.

David Gordon (PBS, 10-10:30 p.m.): ``Alive From Off Center'' performs two autobiographical dance duets by choreographer David Gordon, then concludes with a discussion of Gordon's work by 10 characters -- all played by Gordon.

Do You Hear the Rain? (PBS, 10:30-11 p.m.): Documentary about a courageous deaf woman who overcomes her own handicap to adopt three handicapped boys. TUESDAY

Baltic Chic (PBS, 9-10 p.m.): ``Comrades'' segment of ``Frontline'' examines Estonian fashion designed to raise local standards of dress.

Soldier Boy (PBS, 10-11 p.m.): Another ``Comrades'' segment details a recruit's life inside a Soviet army barracks. A Western TV first, this documentary also focuses on the boy's parents, who realize he may soon be fighting in Afghanistan. WEDNESDAY

Mark Russell Comedy Special (PBS, 9-9:30 p.m.): TV's only political satirist performs his offbeat brand of humor before a live audience.

Embargo: An Enterprise Special (PBS, 9:30-10 p.m.): Examining trade embargoes, both in general and with specific examples. THURSDAY

American Promise (NBC, 10-11 p.m.): Four Americans from varied backgrounds discuss with moderator John Chancellor how they pursue their own version of the American dream. Please check local listings for all PBS programs since local option often results in differing days and times.

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