Thanks, Lee

LIKE Lady Liberty, whose refurbishing fund drive he led, Lee Iacocca comes out of the Fourth of July weekend somewhat larger than life: One can almost see the auto executive garbed in a toga, holding a copy of his best-selling rags-to-riches book in his left hand and a Chrysler upthrust in his right, selling hard the American dream of getting ahead and turning a profit. Whether the hoopla of the July 1986 celebration will extend to an August 1988 presidential bid at the Democratic convention for Mr. Iacocca may be another matter. Senator and astronaut John Glenn discovered that the ``right stuff'' of national folk hero failed to translate into the voting stuff of presidential politics. Iacocca says he does not intend to run, but draft-Iacocca committees have been formed. Events will tell.

For the moment, Iacocca deserves a thank-you for successfully raising the more than $265 million needed to rehabilitate the statue.

So do all the generous citizens who gave to that fund. And the tens of thousands of enforcement officials, entertainers, fireworks makers, and others who gave New York Harbor and the United States a spectacular Fourth of July/Miss Liberty celebration.

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