Cynthia rehearsing

Cynthia -- our Cynthia -- rehearses her concert on the small piano in the cold Sunday school room for the Admiring Five. Cynthia confident, intense brings us Mozart -- clean-cut understated deeply rooted joy. Cynthia with a stylish new haircut -- carefree strands of youth now disciplined -- mouth set in a firm line sweeps all hesitancy aside plunges into Brahmsian depths powerfully playing his Variations on a Theme -- not even frightened by the mighty closing fugue. Cynthia with a clear eye and accurate fingers cancels the centuries with the Italian concerto bringing Bach's affirmative voice to argue -- at first reasonably then triumphantly -- with the Attentive Five in the cold Sunday school room, Then Cynthia cheeks now pink tiny gold earrings sparkling concludes her concert before the Astonished Five with the lush, warm colors of Debussy's ``Pour le Piano.'' Cynthia-- our Cynthia -- tried by the fire of countless solitary hours of practice now totally committed profound mature.

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