Right as rain

THE soft rain did feel exactly right as I progressed past one little newly worked garden plot after another. People had been busy over the weekend, putting in seeds and sprucing up their yards. There seem to be twice as many flowers this year on Magazine Street. Not all the plastic cups and plates are gone, but the grass and flowers are gaining on them. There is more variety in the flowers, too. I see bleeding hearts and anemones in addition to the usual tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. I see white grape hyacinths as well as the purple ones popping their heads up.

Little as I enjoy carrying an umbrella and having to watch each step lest I splash my hose, I can put up with it today because the need is so apparent. We always know in our hearts that rain is right, but today I can feel and see why much more than usual as all the new green grass and young leaves soak it up so greedily.

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