NORTH AMERICA. US, Canada agree on acid rain, space

Canada has agreed to help build and operate a US-manned space station expected to become operational in the mid-1990s, US officials said March 19. Visiting Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney told President Reagan during a one-hour meeting that Canada would invest about $800 million Canadian over the next 15 years in the space station. The money will be used to develop a mobile servicing center.

An agreement is to be negotiated by March 1987 spelling out the details of Canada's contribution to the space project.

Following the meeting between Mulroney and Reagan and a subsequent session with Reagan administration Cabinet members, US officials said the two countries had reached agreement on a program for combating destructive acid rain. Details of the agreement, which was recommended in a joint Canada-US study into acid rain pollution in January, had not been released at press time.

US officials said agreement was also reached for a five-year extension of the North American Aerospace Defense agreement for an additional five-year period.

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