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Ray: Now . . . an important message from the makers of Einbinder Flypaper. Friends -- despite our rigid quality control system at the Einbinder factory, several thousand rolls of flypaper have been released to the public with stickum that could become defective under certain conditions. Bob: If you've bought flypaper recently that bears the manufacturer's code number 3-8-2-9-3 . . . or 3-8-2-9-4 . . . return it to the plant for new stickum at once. And while you're waiting for it to be returned to you -- better protect your family by going out and buying some new flypaper. Ray: When you do, be sure you insist on genuine Einbinder . . . the brand you're gradually grown to trust over the course of three generations. -- From `The New! Improved! Bob & Ray Book'

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