Curves go to your head. This spring's fuller, feminine look starts at the top, with longer, more traditional hairstyles using new cutting and perming techniques

LESS edge and more curves characterize the new hairstyles emerging in Europe and the United States. ``If we could suddenly make hair grow longer, the look would be even fuller,'' explains hair stylist Dwight Miller, artistic director of the Zotos Creative Design Group, ``but since the tendency was short in the recent past, the transitional look for spring is mid-length, but very full, feminine, and much more traditional.'' The Creative Design Group 200 skilled hair stylists travel the world teaching other hair stylists new techniques.

Those whose hair is long have already achieved the desired look for spring. But for those in between, a transitional look has been created.

The ``Omni,'' which is the name Miller has given his new look, marks a return to a more balanced concept of hair design, with fluid, architectural lines inspired by the classic oval shape. Texture and volume, achieved in recent years with geometric cutting techniques, are now created by innovative perming and new cutting techniques.-- H. N.

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