Major terrorist incidents of 1985

BEIRUT, March 8: A large car bomb, planted by group with links to the Central Intelligence Agency and intended for Shiite leader Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah, kills at least 80 people. Sheikh Fadlallah, not at home, escapes injury. ATHENS, June 14: TWA Flight 847 is commandeered by Shiite hijackers and lands in Beirut, where US Navy diver is slain. Hijackers demand the release of 766 prisoners, mostly Shiites, held in Israel. After prolonged negotiations and the release of some prisoners, the last group of hostages, all Americans, are released June 30. FRANKFURT, West Germany, June 19: A bomb explodes in a trash basket at Frankfurt airport, killing three people and wounding 42. By June 25, 20 groups have claimed responsibility. NARITA, Japan, June 23: Bomb in a bag unloaded from a Canadian Pacific Airlines flight explodes at Tokyo International Airport, killing two luggage-handlers. One hour later, Air India Boeing 747 crashes into Atlantic south of Ireland, apparently as a result of an explosion, killing 329 people. Sikh extremists are suspected of planting both bombs. BEIRUT, Aug. 17: Car bomb explodes outside crowded supermarket in East Beirut, killing at least 50 and wounding 100. WEST GERMANY, Aug. 8: Car bombs at the Rhein-Main air base kill two Americans and injure 20. A German group, Red Army Faction, and a French group, Direct Action, claim responsibility. BEIRUT, Sept. 30: Four Soviet diplomats are abducted. One is found murdered shortly afterward, and the others are released a month later. PORT SAID, Egypt, Oct. 7: The Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro is commandeered by Palestinian gunmen, who kill an American tourist, Leon Klinghoffer. After surrendering to Egyptian authorities, the four hijackers, accompanied by two Palestine Liberation Organization representatives, are flown out of Egypt on a commercial airliner intercepted by US American fighters. On landing in Sicily, the hijackers are taken into custody. Italian authorities release the PLO officials. BOGOTA, Colombia, Nov. 6: Members of the M-19 terrorist group seize the Federal Court building. An Army assault 28 hours later kills 95 people, including 11 Supreme Court justices. ATHENS, Nov. 23: EgyptAir flight 648 is hijacked en route to Cairo by gunmen suspected of belonging to Abu Nidal's radical Palestinian faction. After landing in Malta, two Israelis and three Americans are shot, two of them fatally, and thrown out of the plane. Following a 10-minute assault by Egyptian commandos the next day, 60 people on board die. TOKYO, Nov. 29: Radical activists cut communication cables in Tokyo, Osaka, and five other cities, knocking out rail service on 22 commuter lines. Others storm railroad station in Tokyo, throwing Molotov cocktails. Police arrest 48 suspects, including the reputed leader of the Middle Core Faction, an ultraleftist group. ROME AND VIENNA, Dec. 27: Four terrorists armed with grenades and machine guns attack Rome's main airport, killing 15 and injuring 74. Three men enter the Vienna airport and fire on the El Al check-in counter, killing three and wounding 47. Responsibility for both attacks is claimed by Abu Nidal faction. INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST INCIDENTS, 1985 INVOLVING US Africa . . . . . . . . 42 4 Asia . . . . . . . . . 46 8 Eastern Europe . . . . 2 Latin America . . . .132 86 Mid East . . . . . . .378 16 North America. . . . . 4 2 Western Europe . . . .208 61

Total 812 177 TOTALS '80 532 '81 510 '82 479 '83 496 '84 601 CASUALTIES 1985 International total 2223 (1984-1279) Wounded 1297 Dead 926 US total 162 (1984-42) Wounded 139 Dead 23

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