Best seller by Heinlein is a genuine disappointment

The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, by Robert A. Heinlein. New York: Putnam. 384 pp. $17.95. In ``The Cat Who Walks Through Walls,'' Colin/Richard and Gwen/Hazel, expert killers and gourmet cooks with multiple identities, meet in a posh space habitat and never stop talking cutesy-pie as they hop in and out of bed to foil (or forward) the plans of a pushy time corps run by Lazarus Long and his computerized cuties.

There are multiverses of available maidens for Heinlein's rejuvenated old satyrs, for it seems that everything is possible because everything ever written or imagined exists! There are pshaws aplenty in this opus of laundered innuendoes tossed back and forth by people who are unendurably sure they are right, and quite willing to kill to prove it.

Except for the kitten that says ``blert,'' there is nothing genuine to care about in this coy, silly book, one I will not add to my large and cherished collection of Robert Heinlein.

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