Men still go for meat-'n'-potato menus

Steak and potatoes are the most satisfying foods for men, according to a new cookbook, ``Cooking for Men Only'' (101 Productions, $7.95). Author Caroline Kriz says men characterize themselves as ``meat and potatoes types,'' including fish and poultry, and they are not generally interested in sweets. They like to broil or barbecue meats because it's fast, and they are adventurous in cooking and enjoy experimenting with recipes for company.

Kriz has taught ``men only'' cooking classes in Chicago since 1977. She has learned there's a gap between a man's desired cooking skills and the acquired skills he learned at home.

The book begins with a chapter on broiling and grilling, going into details on internal temperatures of meats as well as woods to use for the fire. Later in the book there are lessons on impressive presentations of grilled fish and shellfish.

As for the potatoes part of a meat-and-potatoes menu, Kriz encourages the reader to vary the styles of cooking and gives recipes for double-baked, bacon-fried, and sweet potatoes, plus potato pancakes with homemade applesauce.

All in all, it's a very practical, fun, and comprehensive book that will be useful for any man who likes to cook.

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