Scandinavians support African wildlife too

I have just read Edward Girardet's article on the Ruaha National Park, which appeared in your newspaper [``Ruaha under fire . . . ,'' Nov. 30-Dec. 6]. Unfortunately, Mr. Girardet's otherwise excellent report is marred by a reference to Scandinavian expatriate and aid personnel who are observed to be involved in indiscriminate hunting in Tanzania.

Mr. Girardet has, I feel, unfairly singled out a section of the expatriate community in Tanzania, many of whom support wildlife conservation bodies similar to our own. I have known cases where British, Americans, Italians, Greeks, etc., have been equally culpable in this context.

It would have been more helpful to the efforts made by our society had Mr. Girardet covered, in more detail, the role of the society, and the contributions made to it by the expatriates based in Tanzania, rather than to have pilloried a section of that group. M. S. Keeley Chairman The Friends of Ruaha Society Mufindi, Tanzania

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