`The Plane That Changed the World'

A quaint and affectionate tribute to an airplane is the subject of the latest ``Nova.'' The Plane That Changed the World (PBS, Tuesday, 8-9 p.m., check local listings) celebrates the 50th birthday of the DC-3, the plane that has brought air travel to the masses and still remains ``the workhorse of the skies.''

``Nova'' not only digs into the picture history of the plane -- in fact, the history of all flight -- it also interviews designers, test pilots, flight crews, and even pioneering stewardesses.

A visit to a family airline in Alaska shows that DC-3s are relied upon exclusively for its cargo operation.

If you imagine that DC-3s are simply antiques, amusing relics of the past, this Chedd-Angier-produced ``Nova'' reminds you that around 1,000 of them are still in commercial operation.

This program is a charming electronic birthday greeting to a seemingly indestructible veteran.

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