McGraw-Hill Inc. spans spectrum of information products and properties

Books About 20,000 book titles, plus computer software programs, audiovisual and multimedia educational packages, and health-care magazines, make up the book division. (Gross 1984 revenue: $438 million.) Information systems

Construction information is provided by F. W. Dodge, Sweet's, Cost Information Systems division, and Data Resources Inc. Magazines: Architectural Record, Engineering News-Record, Electrical Construction.

Computer and communications information companies: Datapro Research, CCMI/McGraw-Hill, Future Computing, Gnostic Concepts, Osborne/McGraw-Hill. Magazines: Byte, Data Communications, Electronics Week. (Gross 1984 revenue: $340 million.) Publications

Business Week is the core. But 60 magazines, newsletters, and news-wire services also report on management, manufacturing and process industries, energy, and transportation. (Gross 1984 revenue: $331 million.) Financial and economic information

Three McGraw companies, Standard & Poor's, DRI, and Monchik-Weber, provide a range of information to the financial community including debt rating, securities, economic, and financial institution information. Included are S&P's 500 stock index and real-time computer services on stocks, bonds, options, and futures. (Gross 1984 revenue: $210 million.) Broadcasting

It comprises television stations in Denver; Indianapolis; and San Diego and Bakersfield, Calif. (Gross 1984 revenue: $81.9 million.)

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