A transmitter to keep track of children and pets

Now electronics can give you, your children -- or even a pet -- a new leash on life. In its latest catalog Hammacher Schlemmer has advertised a simple, lightweight transmitter that can be attached to a child's sweater or a puppy's collar to help you keep track of a wandering two- or four-legged loved one.

The four-ounce transmitter emits a regular signal to a receiver monitor and will sound an alarm if the unit is immersed in water or goes out of a predetermined range. This makes it especially effective at a crowded beach, by the family swimming pool, or at a busy shopping center. Ranges may be set at 50, 100, or up to 200 feet.

In addition, a call button on the transmitter allows a child to signal you directly if there is a need. A special sensor can even be set to alert the baby sitter that a wet diaper needs attention.

Both receiver and transmitter are small, completely portable, and housed in tough plastic. The receiver weighs only 61/2 ounces.

The two components operate up to 16 hours with each recharging of the NiCad battery (also included).

The 350 megahertz operating frequency is unaffected by radios, intercoms, automatic garage door openers, and most other common transmitting appliances.

The electronic child/pet alert system is available from Hammacher Schlemmer, 212 West Superior, Chicago, Ill. 60610. The price is $139.50, postpaid with a guarantee.

For more information, call (312) 664-7745.

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