Tanja cleaned out her closet before college and found `Memorable Halloween in My Life'

MY most memorable Halloween, to tell the honest truth, doesn't exist. I never had a Halloween worth remembering. I never soaped windows, egged houses, or toilet-papered people's yards. I feel so deprived! I guess I was one of your ordinary run-of-the-mill trick-or-treaters. I put on my costume, dragged my mother to every last house in the neighborhood, and fought with my brother over who got to ring the doorbell. I remember the house where, inevitably, I would be running back to the car and trip through the same ditch, candy flying everywhere. I always made my brother help me pick it up. Then when I got home, I would always accuse him of snitching my Clark bars and bubble gum. Poor kid! Mom always made me give at least half of his Clark bars back.

I think about the third year of trick-or-treating he got wise, and when I fell in the ditch he went ahead and took the candy bars so that when we got home things would even out. One thing that was memorable was that we rarely, if ever, get trick-or-treaters. Why, I don't know.

Yesterday we had one lone and brave trick-or-treater come up our hill. Unfortunately, our dog scared him off (never mind the fact that the trick-or-treater arrived in a truck).

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