ABM Treaty excerpts

Provisions of the 1972 Antiballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty cited in the debate over compliance are: Article I stating, in part, that ``each party undertakes to limit antiballistic missile systems'' and ``undertakes not to deploy ABM systems for a defense of the territory of its country.''

Article V says: ``Each party undertakes not to develop, test, or deploy ABM systems or components which are sea-based, air-based, space-based, or mobile land-based.''

It also says ``each party undertakes not to develop, test, or deploy ABM launchers for launching more than one ABM interceptor missile at a time from each launcher . . . not to develop, test, or deploy automatic or semi-automatic or other similar systems for rapid reload of ABM launchers.''

Agreed Statement D says: ``The parties agree that in the event ABM systems based on other physical principles and including components capable of substituting for ABM interceptor missiles, ABM launchers, or ABM radars are created in the future, specific limitations on such systems and their components would be subject to discussion'' in accord with other treaty articles.

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