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Q Is there a carpet or pad which resists mildew? We live in a humid, marshy area and our house is built on a slab. Would we be better off with another type of floor? Thomas Fehsenfeld Grand Rapids, Mich. If moisture is coming up through the slab, it is difficult to suggest any other type of flooring that would not be adversely affected by the moisture. There are, however, carpet and pad types which specifically list mildew resistance as one of their characteristics.

Insist on seeing the manufacturers' specifications sheet on any goods you buy, and deal only with a local, reputable company that will help you analyze and solve the problem. You probably have an older jute pad that traps the moisture. The newer rubber or re-bond pads are not as likely to do that.

Check the ventilation in your home and see if you can improve the air circulation. This is the real key to minimizing mildew. Q I've heard of a stove which uses either wood or gas for heating, but so far have been unable to locate the manufacturer. Any ideas? Nellie B. George Hedgesville, W.Va.

The only type I can think of is the prefab metal fireplace which uses a ceramic gas-heated log to radiate the heat. A wood fire can be built on top of, or in place of, the ceramic log. The manufacturer with which I am most familiar is Majestic, 1000 East Market Street, Huntington, Ind. 46750 (Tel: 1-219-356-8000).

Ask the company for the location of its nearest distributor. Also, you can ask for brochures which will inform you of the various sizes, models, and available options.

There are, of course, competitors, so you might want to do a little scouting on your own. If you haven't already done so, ask a local stove distributor for advice.

If you have a question about designing, improving, or maintaining your home, send it to the real estate editor, The Christian Science Monitor, One Norway Street, Boston, Mass. 02115. Richard A. Kent is a practicing architect and general contractor in southern California.

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