WEST GERMANY Police clamp down on anti-Nazi protests

West German cities witnessed several successive nights of riots last week following the death of an anti-Nazi demonstrator. At time of writing, 14 people had been reported injured and more than 260 detained. The rioting was touched off by the death of Guenther Sare, an anti-Nazi protester who was run over by a water cannon truck Sept. 28 during a demonstration against a meeting of the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party.

Police said some 65 demonstrators were detained here Oct. 1, when small groups of youths rioted near Frankfurt's central railway station after a crowd of 3,000 was prevented from marching through the city center by massive police presence.

Five policemen and a leading member of a local law and order group were injured in similar clashes in the southern city of Stuttgart, police said. About 200 demonstrators were detained.

No further demonstrations have been planned so far.

In Frankfurt, vigorous police tactics prevented protesters from causing damage on the scale of the Sept. 29 riots. Braced with a mayor's ban on all demonstrations in the city, they quickly encircled any incipient gathering after the official rally had ended and dispersed the protesters with water cannons and baton charges.

Official inquiries into Sare's death have so far not reached any conclusions.

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