Peace in a tumultuous world

Thank you for your inspiring editorial ``The right evidence,'' Aug. 22. In these days when the world appears marked by confusion, suspicion, fear, hatred, and mounting violence, your message supplies the reassurance that it is still possible to maintain peace of mind, and to act intelligently with a spirit of goodwill.

It is not wishful thinking to believe that evil can be overcome by good, unrighteousness by righteousness, darkness by light, and to realize that Truth and Love are eternal.

The verses you quote from the Beatitudes will always be valid. Every individual in every land is endowed with the God-given capacity to put them into effect. Beatrice and Chester Higman Seattle

It is distressing that the lengthy book review, ``The Political Wisdom of Albert Einstein'' in the Aug. 2 issue, makes no mention of Einstein's frequent and open support of world government as the only way of preserving peace in the atomic age.

There seems to be an almost universal silence about the fact that Einstein was a vigorous advocate of world government even though at the same time his statement that ``the unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking'' is quoted regularly. Ronald J. Glossop Jennings, Mo.

Your Aug. 5 article about the Chautauqua Institution is on target. Our family has vacationed at Chautauqua nearly every summer since 1968. In the past few years we've seen condominiums creep across the grounds and rentals skyrocket, to the point that many Chautauquans may someday be unable to enter the gate. I refer to retired teachers, ministers, librarians, and many others of modest income for whom Chautauqua was once an affordable vacation. It is a scandal that the St. Elmo Hotel will be demolished. Many buildings on the grounds have been restored and preserved, and the same could be done for the St. Elmo. Obviously profit, not preservation, is uppermost in the buyers' priorities. Joann Blair Tallmadge, Ohio

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