New prime-time series for '85-'86

War: A Commentary by Gwynne Dyer, a 7-part Canadian series. In it Dyer, a journalist and military historian, traces two centuries of world military history. Presenting-station KCTS of Seattle has added an eighth program with Edwin Newman as host, bringing it all up to date with discussion of President Reagan's ``star wars'' proposal. River Journeys, a 6-part series following the adventures of six writers on individual journeys on the Sepik, Mekong, Congo, San Francisco, Nile, and Murray Rivers. A BBC production presented by WETA in Washington.

Quest for the Killers, a 5-part series about the medical research based on the book ``From the Face of the Earth,'' by Dr. June Goodfield.

Treasure Houses of Britain, 3 one-hour documentaries covering the history of the English country house from Tudor times to World War I.

Lone Star: A Television History of Texas, 8 hour-long programs from KEDT in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Owl/TV, a series of 10 half-hour shows for children about nature and the environment, co-produced by the National Audubon Society and Young Naturalists Foundation (Canada) and presented by WNET in New York. PBS series on the drawing board for 1987 and beyond

Here are some of the future series planned for the period between 1987 and the year 2000. How soon we will see them depends entirely on the rate of funding determined for the next decade.

The Africans, a 9-part series on the history of Africa, to be produced by WETA, Washington.

Who Are the Russians?, a 10-part series on the Soviet Union, produced by WGBH in Boston with the Averell Harriman Institute.

Television, a 13-part history of television throughout the world, originally produced by Granada in England and revamped by WNET, New York, and KCET, Los Angeles.

The Making of a Continent II, a 3-part continuation of a successful geological series produced by WTTW, Chicago.

Eyes on the Prize, a 6-part history of the civil rights movement produced independently by Michael Ambrosino and Henry Hampton.

Voices and Visions, a 6-part series on such American poets as Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, and Emily Dickinson, produced by South Carolina's ETV.

The Amazing English Language, a 9-part series produced by MacNeil/Lehrer-Gannett Productions.

West of the Imagination, a 6-part series on Western art, produced by KERA, Dallas.

The Philippines, a 3-part history by Stanley Karnow, producer as yet undetermined.

Ring of Truth, a 6-part series on scientific discoveries, produced independently by Michael Ambrosino.

The Mediterranean, a science-and-nature series with Richard Attenborough as host, produced by WQED, Pittsburgh.

The Nuclear Age, a 13-part series produced by WGBH.

Columbus and the Age of Discovery, a 6-part series produced by WGBH.

America by Design, a 5-part series on American design, produced by the Guggenheim Museum and WTTW.

American Masters, a continuing series of profiles of great creative talents ranging from Eugene O'Neill to Charlie Chaplin, produced by WNET, New York.

The Struggles for Poland, a nine-hour portrait of the Poles, co-produced by WNET, Channel 4/UK in Britain and NDR/Hamburg in West Germany.

Planet Earth, a seven-hour exploration of discoveries in geoscience which have revolutionized what is known about our planet today, produced by WQED in association with the National Academy of Sciences.

Pride of Place, a series on American architecture, with Robert A. M. Stern as host, presented by South Carolina's ETV. Prime-time specials for the '85-86 season

The Booth, three separate dramas each taking place in a restaurant booth, directed by George Schaefer.

Comet Halley, a documentary that chronicles the international activities being organized for this historical and scientific event.

The Creation of the Universe, the story of how physicists exploring subatomic particles are turning up clues to the origin and evolution of our galaxy.

Olympic Challenge, behind-the-scenes look at the 1984 Olympics, including extensive security precautions and revealing backstage moments.

The Statue of Liberty, story of the statue from the original design to final construction, including interviews with Americans about what it represents.

The Times of Harvey Milk, an Academy Award-winning documentary about San Francisco's first openly gay city supervisor and his murder by colleague Dan White.

The Abortion Battle, the first in a series of ``theme nights'' that will examine a timely subject from every point of view.

The Skin Horse, a sensitive, yet outspoken, film moderated by Betty Rollin and dealing with the difficult topic of the sexuality of severely disabled people.

When the Mountains Tremble, an exploration of Guatemala's recent history, culture, and people -- all from the viewpoint of peasant Rigoberta Menchu.

Hispanus, a pair of 60-minute programs on the rich history of Hispanics in the US, produced by the the National Council of La Raza.

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