If Marianne Faithfull turns you on more than Madonna, see `Our Time'

The Good Old Days for baby-boomers may seem like only yesterday for pre-boomers. Our Time (NBC, Saturdays, 8-8:30 p.m., starting July 27 for seven weeks) provides lots of 1960s personalities, from Frankie Avalon to Edd (Kookie) Burns. This half hour of skits, jokes, and visual gags is so similar to the old ``Laugh-In'' that producer-writer Barry Adelman and director Dave Powers should really call it ``Boom-In.'' ``Our Time'' is fun even if you aren't a baby-boomer, but it helps to share in the common nostalgia that marks 1966 as the crucial year ``when sneakers became tennis shoes and manufacturers doubled their prices.'' It's a kindly look at those who grew up in the '60s and what has happened to them in the '80s.

Well, not so kindly sometimes. ``When I was young, a kid who spat, swore, and had temper tantrums was called a juvenile delinquent. Today, he is called a tennis star,'' aces one boomer with a cutting edge.

Karen Valentine is co-host for the series, with Harry Anderson joining her as co-host for the first two. Also appearing are Ed Begley Jr. (``St. Elsewhere''), Paul Revere and the Raiders, Rick Nelson, Adam West (``Batman''), and lots of other surprise guests and stars in cameo appearances. There's a film-clip tribute to ``Ozzie and Harriet,'' and Rick gets to sing ``Travelin' Man.''

One funny feature is made up of quick illustrations of ``Acts That Never Made It'': Ike (Eisenhower) and Tina Turner; Sonny (Liston) and Cher; Captain (Kangaroo) and Tennille; (Bing) Crosby, Stills, Nash and (Robert) Young.

`Our Time' is a charming half hour of miniskirted, pony-tailed nostalgia.

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