New Orleans

I'm going down town in New Orleans going to get my mama some good white beans They so good you got to try them next time you come in buy some.

Flying through the air flying around with no burdens to bear Oh, how I wish I was a caterpillar, in a cocoon turning into a butterfly. Then in summer at high noon, I come out and spread my wings spread them out, spread them free and now I stop. I am off to see the world. Bye!

Miss Brown jumped a jump. When you jump you jump if you don't you don't and Miss Brown jumped and fell down the Grand Canyon.

I went to pick sugar cane for my Mama who lives in the north lane of Spain, but I don't understand why she wants me to go to pick sugar cane in the middle of Spain because they don't grow sugar cane at the north lane in the middle of Spain.

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