Queens and Emperors

Thank you for the article on Queen Noor of Jordan May 10 and especially for the emphasis in the title [``Jordan's Queen makes stereotype-correcting visit'']. Indeed, stereotypes, bias, misinformation, and misconception about the Arab world are rampant. The Queen promotes cultural awareness both in Jordan and abroad and is aware that Arabs made contributions to Western civilization of which Westerners may be unaware. Her concern is shared by many Americans, including members of the Arab-American community. Evelyn A. Menconi Dorchester, Mass.

I was disappointed to see that in the Monitor of April 29 there was no mention of the celebration in Japan of the 60th anniversary of the reign of the [Japanese] Emperor on his 83rd birthday.

Had it not been for his rescript of Aug. 15, 1945, the United States and our Allies would have had to invade Japan at the cost of incalculable suffering and loss of life. And had it not been for the friendship that developed between the Emperor and General MacArthur, the occupation of Japan could not possibly have proceeded as peacefully and fruitfully as it did.

His majesty is also a man of peace and a distinguished scientist. There is no other head of state in the world who has achieved 60 years of unbroken dedication to his country. Elizabeth Gray Vining Kennett Square, Pa.

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