For consideration

``Consider the lilies how they grow. . . .'' Consider the roses, row on row. Consider the shrubs, the mountain greenery, The art of nature's landscaped scenery. And while considering, please give heed To growing things that meet man's need. Consider the roots, the sprouts, the sprigs, The nuts, the dates, the plums, the figs, The citrus fruits, the pommes de terre, The arbored grapes, the melons rare. Spinach and parsnips earn their due Consideration. Turnips too. Consider the yam or sweet potato, The lima bean, the ripe tomato. (Or if you prefer to say ``tomahto,'' Please don't make it obbligato.) Consider zucchini (French courgettes) And while considering, do please let's Include the onion, scallion, radish -- Tangy, tasty, nothing faddish. Considering nature's grand largesse Reaps more of more, not less of less. Consider the lilies, then, and find Grace of heart and joy of mind.

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