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Thanks for the fine feature on Chick Corea (April 22), the most important figure in contemporary music. Instead of limiting the focus to what Corea has accomplished, it's enlightening to read a story that explores how he's been able to keep his creative energies flowing for over 20 years. Corea's compositional and keyboard wizardry, his thoughtfulness as an educator, family man, and role model to so many in music, is enhanced by his intelligent and disciplined life style. His profile is a refreshing variation from the sadly common one of an artist whose talent is admirable but whose life is a mess. It's important that the public become more aware of such remarkable men and their music, especially when they are such excellent examples to all of us. Randy Hoover Los Angeles

The article on naturalist John J. Audubon [``Audubon,'' April 19] credited his ``keen awareness of the natural world'' as the reason he was selected for the Audubon Society's name. Let's not shortchange the woman in his life! His wife, Lucy, kept the family fed for many years by teaching school. A student honored her influence by naming the society he founded the Audubon Society. Harriet Kimbro Santa Fe, N.M.

I agree with Joseph Harsch, (``The Kennedy Touch,'' April 4) that Senator Kennedy would ``relish the possibility'' of running against George Bush in 1988. I don't agree that the Democrats are a ``desert of interesting rivals.'' The Rev. Jesse Jackson may be down but not out, and certainly not uninteresting. Another possibility, which might have seemed unlikely until President Carter mentioned it on ``60 Minutes'' -- Lee Iacocca. Imagine this scenario: Having been burned one too many times, the Democrats see the handwriting on the wall. With Jimmy Carter's, by then, (everything looks better from a distance), renewed image -- ``at least the hostages came home alive,'' and ``I didn't mortgage your children's futures'' -- his and others' lobbying, the Democrats suddenly nominate a, by then, less vitriolic Toyota hater from Chrysler and a mellowed and statesmanly black preacher from Chicago. David Neal Kitty Hawk, N.C.

John Hughes offers an accurate assessment of potential GOP presidential contenders for 1988 (``The next president,'' April 26). But there is a glaring omission in his Democratic list. After his surprisingly strong showing last year, with Rainbow Coalition organizations alive and active across the nation, and the only strong, consistent voice for progressive issues, Jesse Jackson seems a sure bet to raise his great campaign for the presidency once again in 1988. Mark Wallem Minneapolis

The article, ``India, China grapple with grain surplus'' April 25, may, unfortunately, mislead people about the true situation in those countries. In India, well over 100,000 children and old people starve in any year because they lack the means to buy food. In addition, millions, especially those in the Scheduled Castes, eat less than the minimal amount for the same reason. In China, the food situation is very tight. The customary Chinese greeting is: ``Have you eaten today?'' Treffen Deutch Redwood City, Calif. Letters are welcome. Only a selection can be published and none individually acknowledged. All are subject to condensation. Please address letters to ``readers write.''

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