Television dramas: helpful or harmful?

Re ``Revisiting the Raj -- an Indian perspective,'' by Eknath Easwaran, Feb. 11. While reading the column, I thought of the relationship between the United States and Latin America. He comments that the missing ingredient in relations between India and her British rulers was ``respect.'' Don't we have the same problem with Latin American countries? Trying to dissuade terrorist dictators from assuming power is one thing, but care needs to be taken in influencing their local decisions. Herbert E. Crumrine Rochester, N.Y.

As a Southerner, it was like a breath of fresh air to read ``Closer together'' (Feb. 12) after watching ``The Atlanta Child Murders.'' I am not writing to say that everyone has equality here. Tensions exist between white and black police officers in Atlanta. Inequalities do exist between the races, especially in education.

However, [the TV drama] slapped the South, Georgia, and Atlanta -- whites and blacks alike -- in the face. The Atlanta media did not present the child murders as a racial situation. It was presented as a crime against all.

I would like to say this to those who see the South as the nation's center of racism: We know it exists and are working on it. But look at other sections of the US. Can anyone say that inequality and prejudice do not exist in other areas? Randy L. Jackson Maysville, Ga.

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