What makes the look?

Last fall, ``androgyny'' was the keynote for women's fashions. The look was oversized and understated -- baggy pants and big coats with broad shoulders, all in dark and neutral tones. For spring, fashions have softened, and women are looking like women again. There are lots of options to choose from, which sets up a need for some guidelines. We've gathered some of them together here. But above all, remember that you should dress in what you enjoy most. Bare looks:

shoulders, back, or midriff

Two-piece dressing: that replaces a dress, offering more variations and combinations for day and evening

The big shirt: amply cut and light in feeling, worn as a top or a short dress, always with wide armholes

The classic appeal of white: in hand-knit cottons or handkerchief linens

A profusion of prints: floral cottons, either many-colored and muted or large and brilliant

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