Loving to see

``The World I Love to See.'' Perhaps Ulrike Welsch said it all in this title for a book of her photographs. But we asked for a few more words to go with two new shots (above and at the bottom of the facing page) as well as three from a later volume, ``Faces of New England,'' published by Yankee Books. I can get upset when photography is far out, obscure, or a game of chemistry and technology. Remember I am a photojournalist, and with this background (which has stretched quite a bit now that I free-lance after 15 newspaper years) I like photographs not to be riddles that one has to turn upside down or sideways to seek what is to be seen. I am not against having a little fun, or a lot of it -- it's just that it has to work. Being in public communication, I like to reach out, call attention, illustrate a feeling, give a thought, and be understood.

I love available light!

I like patterns and I like nature -- and I love people. And I especially love people when it is challenging to be with them -- and when they trust and unfold and are themselves and don't mind me being there. I admit, though, that my personal joy then may sometimes be bigger than the photograph I take home.

Throughout the years simplicity has been my motto; it applies so well to photojournalism. But now I often go beyond the immediate picture. I enjoy a photograph when the eye can travel and discover detail after detail as it moves on.

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