A vestibule for creativity

It is my fervent hope that those in charge of the present version of the GI Bill are presented with a copy of the Jan. 9 Home Forum page [``A surprised eye on `this elegant nation' '']. Stanley Boxer's lyrical reflections on ``this elegant nation'' and the atmosphere it provides for discovery and the creative process should convince even the most resolute budget cutters of the importance of continuing to support this kind of activity. Jenifer C. Wechsler, Oconomowoc, Wis.

Re ``The brave old Chief and the Kinderhook Squire'' [Dec. 26]: From the Van Buren-Harrison presidential campaign of 1840 came the near universal usage of the American expression ``OK'' from the slogan referring to Van Buren as ``Old Kinderhook,'' meaning all right. A. B. Collom, Burlingame, Calif. Letters are welcome. Only a selection can be published and none individually acknowledged. All are subject to condensation. Please address letters to ``readers write.''

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