South Africa's year of turmoil

January-February. Unrest in black schools in Atteridgeville near Pretoria leads to student boycotts. Feb. 16. South Africa, Angola, and US agree to a phased withdrawal of South African troops from southern Angola.

March 1. South Africa releases prominent Namibian (South-West African) black nationalist Herman Toivo ja Toivo from jail.

March 16. South Africa and Mozambique sign nonagression pact, called the Accord of Nkomati.

April 15. Two US diplomats monitoring troop withdrawal from Angola are killed in sabotage attack in Namibia.

May-August. Boycotts in black schools spread countrywide.

May 11. South Africa, Namibia's SWAPO (South West African People's Organization) guerrilla movement, and Namibian internal political parties meet in Zambia but fail to reach a Namibia settlement.

May 29-June 14. Prime Minister Pieter Botha makes historic tour of Europe.

Aug. 21 and 28. Turnout is dismal for election of Coloreds and Indians to a new Parliament. Leading government opponents are arrested on eve of elections.

Sept. 2. Black unrest erupts in townships south of Johannesburg. A week of violence leaves 65 dead.

Sept. 3. New South African Constitution goes into effect, giving political representation to Coloreds and Indians but excluding blacks.

Sept. 13. Six opponents of the South African government occupy the British Consulate in Durban in protest of a government order that they be detained without trial.

Sept. 16. Black miners stage first legal strike in South Africa.

Oct. 13. Angola signals willingness to tie Namibia settlement to Cuban withdrawal.

Oct. 16. Desmond Tutu, South Africa's outspoken black bishop, is awarded Nobel Peace Prize.

Oct. 22. Army is used to quell black unrest in townships. South Africa refuses to return alleged arms smugglers to Britain.

Nov. 2. Peace talks among South Africa, Mozambique, and Mozambique National Resistance Movement collapse, then resume in December.

Nov. 5 and 6. Black workers in Transvaal stage massive general strike in protest against government policies.

Nov. 9-15. South Africa cracks down on black political and labor leaders.

December. Outcry against South Africa's racial policies rises in US.

Dec. 10. President Reagan speaks out against apartheid. South Africa drops ''preventive detention'' orders against black leaders but charges some with treason.

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