Quotable quotes

Long Island University basketball coach Paul Lizzo on the frustrations of having a game with Fordham postponed because of a traffic jam on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway: ''We can leave three hours before a game in south Florida and get there on time, but we can't do it in New York.''

Gil Brandt, player personnel director of the Dallas Cowboys, after Doug Flutie, Boston College's smallish quarterback, completed a magnificent effort against Miami with a long, game-winning touchdown pass as time expired: ''Doug Flutie grew four inches in four hours.''

Forward Orlando Woolridge of the Chicago Bulls on all the media fanfare that has surrounded rookie teammate Michael Jordan: ''Traveling with him is like being on the road with the Jacksons. He's Michael and we're the Jacksons.''

Golfer Tom Kite on how the public perceives nonsalaried tour players: ''If we don't play well, we don't get paid, and the public knows that. That makes us relatively immune to the kind of criticism other athletes get. When I make a double bogey, the reaction is mostly sympathetic because everyone knows that double bogey costs me a lot of money.''

Coach Frank Layden of the Utah Jazz on the result of his request for a college highlight film of Jazz center Mark Eaton, a former UCLA reserve: ''What we got was a lot of pictures of him taking off his warmups.''

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