The United States is the largest single-country donor to Africa. In the last fiscal year it has given, according to Agency for International Development figures, over 1.4 million metric tons (more than 3 billion pounds of food aid) worth $430 million.

* In the fiscal year to Oct. 1, 1984, the US gave 505,000 metric tons in emergency food aid to Africa, valued at $172 million. In the new fiscal year since October, the US has already obligated 550,000 metric tons of emergency food aid for Africa, worth $200 million; including 215,000 metric tons worth $96 .6 million for Ethiopia alone.

* In 1984, the European Community provided 87,000 tons in emergency grain aid and 448,000 tons in all kinds of grain aid. The overall figure was up from 398, 400 tons in 1983.

FAO figures for other major donors:

* The World Food Program (a sister UN agency to FAO): 632,000 tons for 1983/ 84 needs and 104,800 tons for 1984/85.

* Canada: 150,900 and 84,600 tons.

* The Netherlands: 98,000 and 76,300 tons.

* Australia: 94,900 and 15,000 tons.

* Japan: 141,600 and 42,800 tons.

* West Germany: 79,900 and 53,800 tons.

* France: 82,800 and 10,500 tons.

* Denmark: 57,200 and 13,800 tons.

* Britain: 19,200 and 22,500 tons.

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