Key events in Korean relations

August 1971: Under auspices of each side's Red Cross, contact regarding families separated by division begins. 1972: Talks about reunification of Korea are initiated, leading to creation of North-South Coordinating Committee.

Oct. 12, 1972: North-South Coordinating Committee convenes and meets on regular basis for 10 months.

August 1973: North unilaterally breaks off unification talks. South sought to move in small steps, while North insisted on reunifying country all at once.

Feb. 17, 1979: Both sides meet at Panmunjom, in the Demilitarized Zone. After three sessions, talks break off in April over representation and level of future talks.

July 1, 1979: South Korea and US jointly call for tripartite talks on reunification with North Korea, which rejects the overture.

January 1980: North and South agree to talks to prepare for meeting of prime ministers. After eight months, talks end with no agreement.

Jan. 19, 1981: North rejects South's proposal to exchange visits of top leaders and to apply separately for membership in United Nations.

Jan. 26, 1982: North again rejects South's overtures on unity talks.

Oct. 9, 1983: Bomb in Burma kills 17 high-ranking officials of South Korean government. South accuses North Korean agents of planting bomb. This occurs one day after China reportedly relayed a North Korean proposal for three-way unification talks (involving both Koreas and the US).

Jan. 11, 1984: South rejects North's proposal for three-way unification talks , saying the North must first admit to and apologize for bombing. Then South would consider an ''enlarged meeting,'' presumably including China and the US.

April 1984: South and North attempt talks on joint Olympic team, but fail.

Aug. 20, 1984: South proposes that North accept economic and technical assistance from Seoul.

Sept. 29, 1984: North delivers 725 truckloads of relief goods to South Korean flood victims.

Oct. 6, 1984: Two sides agree to maintain telephone hotline.

Nov. 15, 1984: For the first time ever, two sides discuss trade.

Nov. 20, 1984: Representatives for each side meet about family reunification.

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