Democrats gain in Senate, Republicans gain in House; NORTHEAST

Ronald Reagan won New York State despite the presence of Geraldine Ferraro of Queens on the Democratic ticket. But there was no significant realignment in favor of Republicans in Congress or on the state level.

Tuesday's election results brought good news to all congressional incumbents. In Manhattan, US Rep. Bill Green (D) staved off a challenge from Republican Borough President Andrew Stein. Several Democratic congressmen targeted by the GOP held onto their seats, including Reps. Robert J. Mrazek of Long Island and Stan Lundine of Jamestown. Democrat Thomas J. Manton replaces Ms. Ferraro in her Queens district. The State Senate retained its Republican majority, as did the Assembly.

Most New Jersey voters split their tickets, supporting President Reagan but reelecting popular Democratic US Sen. Bill Bradley. He swept all 21 New Jersey counties, defeating Mary Mochary, mayor of Montclair. The Democrats lost one congressional seat in New Jersey, as 11-term Rep. Joseph G. Minish lost to state Assembly minority leader Dean A. Gallo.

In Delaware, US Rep. Thomas R. Carper (D) retained his seat, despite a strong challenge from Elise du Pont, wife of retiring Gov. Pierre S. du Pont (R). The governor was replaced by his Republican lieutenant governor, Mike Castle. Sen. Joseph R. Biden (D) easily defeated John M. Burris (R).

Republicans did well in Pennsylvania, where only one statewide office is now in Democratic hands. But the congressional balance of 13 Democrats and 10 Republicans remained the same. Democratic Reps. Peter H. Kostmayer and Bob Edgar and Republican Rep. Tom Ridge survived challenges.

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