The subtle glow of pastels

There's a new year coming and pastel is the word to keep in mind when planning a decorating scheme for it. The National Paint and Coatings Association predicts that the 1985 color key will be a warm palette of pastels with bright colors used as accents and mood setters.

Peach, yellow, pink, and green will predominate. Blues, mauves, blue-greens, and yellow-greens should be major influences, too. And gray has become the most popular tone in the neutrals - not just any gray, but a soft shade to enhance the warmth of the pastel palette.

Looking for ways to use these colors at home? The following decorating ideas offer simple yet attractive ways to incorporate these colors into your favorite rooms.

* Living room. Gray can be an exciting accent color on window frames and ceiling molding when used in combination with peach or light blue walls. For just a touch of color, try a muted shade on the fireplace mantel and door. For a more dramatic touch, paint the ceiling of a large living room Manila-yellow or light mauve.

* Dining room. Peach, an appetizing color, is a perfect choice for this room. Use it on both walls and ceilings for a cozy, intimate atmosphere. If you like white walls but are searching for a colorful accent, try painting chair rail and ceiling molding slate blue and pick up the color in a simple wall stencil.

* Bedrooms. Yellow is a bright, delightful color in bedrooms. Just the right shade of green on door and window frames makes a beautiful complement.

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