Harnessing floods

For a time this summer it seemed as though the whole country of Bangladesh was under floodwater. It experienced similar floods in 1954 and 1974, which led to economic problems and famine.

Over the years the people of Bangladesh have been fighting a recurring cycle of floods-and-droughts in order to survive. But this should not be.

When the unfathomable, boundless sea of water comes, can't we make any arrangement to hold it for use at a time when it is needed most? A long-term plan for it might be necessary. Scientists in Bangladesh or abroad might well reflect on this.

Such a water-conserving plan is in place in Egypt, for example: The Aswan Dam , envisioned by Gamal Abdel Nasser and completed by Anwar Sadat, stands today as a massive solution to the former cycle of droughts and floods. Crop raising in Egypt is no longer dependent on the vagaries of nature.

In Bangladesh the floodwaters of a year are supposed to be more than enough to last for seven years - if they can be stored. So can't we make something like the Aswan Dam which could hold the rainwaters of a season and save us seven droughts?

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