Are you moving?

If so, does the prospect appall or excite you? Do you feel you are leaving behind everything that you care about? Or do you expect a change of location by itself to make everything suddenly better for you?

If moving just means exchanging one house for another and one location for another, it can seem to be just a property deal causing a lot of trouble and expense. But moving can be an opportunity to recognize more clearly the true nature of home as well as God's omnipresence and constant care for man. Home isn't really a place or a building. It represents a state of thought. So in a significant sense we take home with us wherever we go.

Does this mean that any house will do? Surely it is important to have what's appropriate for our family and its needs. And looking to God for direction, we can be assured that everyone concerned will be suitably provided for. ''Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him,''n1 Christ Jesus told his disciples.

n1 Matthew 6:8

There is always room for each individual in the all-inclusiveness of God's universe. Man isn't in reality a mortal moving from place to place. Man is the offspring of God, divine Mind, and as such lives and moves under the direction of the one Mind. This Mind governs its universe in perfect harmony. As we begin to discern this spiritual truth - which transcends what our eyes and ears tell us about life - and to trust Mind's guidance, we'll be directed to the best place for us.

A man and his wife proved this not long ago. They had been thinking of moving for some time, but nothing seemed to come of it. Then they decided to put aside personal desires and plans and instead strive to recognize their place in God's creation more unreservedly, confident that this would open up the right action to take.

One day some months later they were told about a newly built house that had just come on the market. They decided to look at it and liked it very much. The very next morning their real estate agent called and asked if they could discuss selling their old house. They settled on a good figure, and he arranged for a client to call the next day. The client liked what he saw and bought it.

A lucky break? A smart piece of salesmanship? No. Just a good example of the orderliness of divine direction, which always helps. Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, writes: ''Let us attach our sense of Science to what touches the religious sentiment within man. Let us open our affections to the Principle that moves all in harmony, - from the falling of a sparrow to the rolling of a world.''n2

n2 Micsellaneous Writings, p. 174.

I remember thinking of this quotation in the middle of a move that meant transferring from one country to another where the conditions were very different. I landed in a snowstorm after living in the tropics for a number of years. All I had to wear was a trunkful of summer dresses, and everything else about me was equally disoriented. It was at a time when housing seemed very limited, but all the necessary moves went smoothly, and a new home was quickly established.

One who begins to trust divine Mind's direction and glimpses the distinctness of spiritual individuality will find that he has a place that nobody else can fill. And one who discerns the ever-presence of Mind can feel at home wherever he may be. This makes moving a much less formidable undertaking.


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