Take a look at the latest blinds - 'micro-minis'

''Micro-mini'' describes the latest trend in thin-slatted blinds. The Bali micro-mini blind was the first to hit the market this past summer, followed in quick succession by equally thin versions of Levolor and Flexalum blinds. The aluminum slats in each case are just over half an inch in width. Bali offers the greatest color selection, with more than 100 hues, including aqua, sky blue, and pink jewel.

The trend has developed, says one manufacturer, as a result of consumer and designer research indicating a demand for a slimmer blind that would be almost invisible when the slats were open and provide more privacy, light, and heat control when closed.

''The micro blind,'' says New York interior designer Jack Lowery, a consultant to Bali, ''is really a whole new idea in window decor - one in complete harmony with today's minimalist philosophy in interior design, which takes its cue from the Japanese, Scandinavians, and American Shakers.''

As spaces shrink, he says, light and color are increasingly important elements in design, as they help set mood and create spatial effects.

''Although contemporary in feeling, the thin look of the Bali Micro blind is equally compatible with period and traditional furnishings and in formal as well as informal settings,'' Mr. Lowery says.

''Micro-minis'' reveal a natural evolution in window blind fashions since the introduction of one-inch-wide mini blinds some years ago. Lightly referred to as ''skinny minis,'' the latest designs underline the Bali message that ''thin is in.''

Prices of the new blinds, though, are not so slim. Levolor's ''micro-minis'' run 20 percent higher than its mini blinds.

As for cleaning, dusting with a feather duster once a week is the recommended procedure.

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