Of all the creatures from the nest, I think I like the penguin best. The penguin is a friendly fowl, Not supercilious like the owl. Penguins are so democratic, Congenial, idiosyncratic Penguins never lack a quorum. Penguins act with due decorum Except when every penguin's talking. What a cacaphonic squawking! The penguin is a faithful bird. He often mates for life, I've heard. Species number not a few. King and Emperor are but two. Adelie penguins go for rides On natural toboggan slides. Penguins are a contradiction, Rather like a charming fiction. Penguins do not soar the sky, Yet underneath the waves they fly. Penguins have no need to query: ''Shall we dress for dinner, dearie?'' Penguins never go informal In penguin wear, the formal's normal. All the penguin's ways and antics Can't be caught in rhymed semantics. I've made an honest try, but then The penguin's livelier than the pen. (Lines prompted by a German TV documentary carried in English on Ovation over the USA Network.)

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